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Chuangying Electronics Co.,Ltd has been focusing on PCB manufacturing for more than 15 years. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen. It has more than 260 workers for single-sided and metal-based factories in Jiangxi and more than 400 worker high-precision multi-layer production bases in Hui…



IMS aluminum base material circuit board

The aluminum base surface will be discolored and blackened by hand or by some chemicals. This is absolutely unacceptable. Some customers will not accept re-polishing the aluminu…


Led lighting aluminum circuit board

The aluminum base surface of the aluminum substrate must be protected with a protective film in advance during PCB processing. Otherwise, some chemicals will attack the aluminum…

Quick turn IMS aluminum pcb

Communication power supply aluminum substrate requires 100% high voltage test. Some customers require DC power, and some require AC power. The voltage requires 1500V and 1600V f…

Aluminum base material heat dissipation circuit boards

Aluminum substrates are often used in power devices with high power density, so the copper foil is relatively thick. If a copper foil of more than 3 oz is used, the etching proc…

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Chuangying Electronics Co.,Ltd

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